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Since our foundation in 1990, we have been active in the import and distribution of dyes and industrial pigments and in the production of pigment dispersions and color additives.

Being in tune with what happens in the world of colors and taking to our customers the best in the area of ​​coloring materials, has guaranteed us not only a significant market share, but also the privilege of participating in several projects, where has a fundamental importance in the search for results.

We know that in order to serve well, it is necessary to have knowledge about the needs of our customers, as well as full control over tools that guarantee high productivity and competitiveness. For this, we form a team of committed and trained professionals, always focused on the search for improvements and solutions that provide a better cost-benefit relation to the products and services offered.

Sustainability is also part of our strategies because we know that adopting actions that result in the reduction of polluting agents and the more rational use of natural resources are extremely important factors for the success of our relationship with the environment and society.

Anyway, we are permanently focused on serving them better and better.


Supply coloring materials and their preparations, always prioritizing quality, value creation and customer satisfaction.


To be one of the best and most reliable companies in all areas in which we operate.


(Total appreciation of the human being, with empathy and respect for differences)

(Life and physical integrity as a priority in everything we do)

(Respect for the rules, honesty to the agreements signed, transparency and rectitude of conduct)

(Resilience and perseverance to overcome challenges, always looking for the most appropriate solution)

sense of owner
(Think and act with the vision of the owner, always prioritizing the mission, objectives and interests of the business)

Openness to innovation
(Open mindset to new ways of doing things, with an emphasis on improving sustainable processes and actions)

Quality policy

    • Provide products and services that meet the expectations and needs of stakeholders;
    • To continuously invest in the maintenance and improvement of the quality of our products, services and processes;
    • Being a company that is increasingly competitive, productive and committed to finding results;
    • Collaborate for the human development and for the qualification of our collaborators;
    • Invest in the organization, safety, improvement of working conditions and sustainability of our business.


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