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Line Cromacid®

Technical grade anionic acid dyes of a technical nature, in powder form.
They are very soluble in water and glycols, having excellent transparency in solution. Depending on the medium of application as well as the structure and type of
dye chromophore group, light fastness and pH variations may vary but are generally quite stable when compared to other classes
of dyes.
They are used in the textile industry for dyeing animal fibers (silk, natural wool, hair, leather and the like), as well as nylon and modified acrylic fibers. Despite their use in the paper industry, they are not significantly capable of dyeing cellulosic fibers.
In the chemical industry they are mainly used in:
• Household cleaning products (liquid detergents, sanitizers, bar soaps, etc.);
• Cosmetic and personal care products;
• Water-based pen and marker inks;
• Water-based inkjet inks;
• Coloring of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and the like;
• antifreeze;
• Products for leak detection;
• Production of some types of paper, etc.