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Linha Solvycrom®

Technical grade synthetic solvent dyes in powder form. They are soluble in organic solvents, fuels, mineral oils,
animal and vegetable fats, paraffins, synthetic resins and the like. They have excellent brightness and high tinting power. Depending on the application medium as well as the structure and type of the dye chromophore group, light fastness levels may vary and are generally good when compared to other dye classes.

Main Applications:

• lubricating oils;
• fuels;
• Agricultural pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and the like;
• Pyrotechnic articles, flags;
• pesticides;
• Waxes, paraffin candles, oil and grease products;

• marking inks;
• powder paints;
• Varnishes;
• Thermoplastics;
• Nylon, polyester, acetate, PVC, acrylic, polystyrene fibers and the like.

Origin: China / India

Packaging: Cardboard boxes containing 25.0 kg.